SB Newsletter

SB Newsletter

 Welcome to the SB Newsletter! An updated list of drops, preorders, and *surprises

Instock: Rep Codes 15% off

Preorder: Rep Codes 10% off

Bamboo Preorder open till Sep 28th -ETA NOVEMBER  

Bamboo Drop: TUESDAY, September 26th at 8pm est.

Zippys $26, 2 piece, $27 Mama joggers:$28

Sizes are limited.

These are two different manufacturers

Manufacture one prints: core memories, cowboy friends, mad love, cuddle monster, forest friends

Manufacturer 2: Mamas boy, mamas girl, s’mores, teal solid, Pooh and neon Halloween.

Manufacturer 2 is the manufacturer we will be using moving forward. The quality is overall nicer. The fit is overall better.



*Solids with printed AWJ

Shipped to SB, Drop October TBD


Wicked Mashup PO

Arrived! Drop TBD


Peace, Love, Honey PO

ETA November


*Crib Sheets Ordered

*Mommy Bags Ordered


Homestead Collection 

ETA December 



Thank you all for your continued support to Suga Bums!! Be sure to check regularly for updates or sign up for text alerts.

Text one of the following @sugabums2 @sugabums3 @sugabums4 @sugabums5 to 81010

Each text group allows 150 members but each group receives the same message. Only used for preorder openings, closing and drop days.


•Updated September 22nd•

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